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We understand that every retail business has individual needs and vulnerabilities. At 1Northwest Security Services Inc, we work closely with our clients to develop a security plan that promotes employee safety, provides customers with a sense of security, and minimizes loss. As the needs for asset control and retail loss prevention services continues to grow in Ontario and across Canada, it is paramount that retail and property owners contract a loss prevention team with the necessary expertise to control theft and maintain positive asset control. From loss prevention officer training and implementation to complete access control development and plan and program procurement, 1 Northwest Guard Service can help your retail business be truly protected. Feel free to Contact us for all your commercial, industrial, retail and niche-based security protection services in Ontario

How 1Northwest Security Services Can Help You:

Shoplifting and in store theft are serious issues that can not only affect a store’s bottom line, but can eventually put a store or retail outlet out of business if it is not properly addressed. Busy stores, especially during busy seasons like Holidays, are often overwhelmed with business and flooded with customers. As employees try and keep up with overwhelming demand, many things can go unnoticed. One of the main areas where our trained guards shine is in providing retail loss prevention services. In store theft and shoplifting are serious issues that not only affect a retail establishment’s bottom line, but that may eventually result in a warehouse, or retail outlet going out of business if the issue isn’t addressed and handled. We provide Retail Security Services to a wide range of retailers including: Shopping Centres; Malls; Strip Malls; Retail Stores of All Sizes 1Northwest professional retail security guard loss prevention services for retail, departments stores, warehouses, distribution centers with items prone to theft. With 1Northwest Guard Service you don’t have to let thieves, shoplifters or anyone else destroy your store, cost you money during the busy season, or result in you having to close your doors. By hiring Northwest deterrence Security Guards, you can prevent direct loss. The team can help protect your store while teaching your work staff how to ensure theft doesn’t affect the business.1Northwest Thunder Bay Security Services. Contact your local Thunder Bay and Northwest Ontario branch at +1 807 GO ( 623-7417 ) for reliable security services to protect your people and assets. Request a quote today and our experts will tailor a personalized plan to meet your organization's needs

Our coverage includes trained security officers, uniformed, business attired or casual greeters, undercover officers and mystery shoppers.

We address the needs of our retail clients through our retail loss prevention services division focusing on three high-level objectives: personnel safety, business continuity and asset protection. We offer the following services:

The current focus of this program is to effectively and efficiently reduce the occurrence of shoplifting, without creating unnecessary liability or disruption to the business of our clients. Our clients tell us that one of the primary reasons they outsource their store-level loss prevention program is that the time they used to spend recruiting, training and supervising can now be used for more critical loss prevention functions and business initiatives.

Store greeter service is customizable to the individual preferences and objectives of our clients. Training modules provide the officer with the primary responsibilities of the store-greeter position, including:

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